Arteta Reacts To Controversial Decision Against Arsenal

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta spoke to the media following the 1-1 draw with Brentford in the Premier League. The game was full of contentious moments, including an offside call that resulted in a Brentford goal. When asked about the offside call, Arteta said he hadn’t received an explanation from officials yet but would look for one later in the week.

Arteta then discussed the importance of following the rules when defending, as changing the rules can have a significant impact on the principles used in defending. He stated that he and his assistant Albert had spoken with the fourth official, but that it was too late to change the outcome of the game. Despite the disappointing outcome, Arteta praised the team’s effort, noting that they had put in a strong effort against a difficult opponent.

The Arsenal manager also addressed the team’s recent form, which has seen them lose their last three league games. He admitted that the team wants to improve in all areas, including their defensive set pieces, which currently rank third in the league. Arteta emphasized the importance of set pieces in the Premier League and stated that the team will continue to work on improving in this area.

When asked about the impact of the team’s schedule on performance, Arteta stated that the players will be training and recovering tomorrow, as well as reviewing the game to identify areas for improvement. He also mentioned that they will begin preparing for their next match against Manchester City on Monday, which will include mental training to ensure they are in the right mindset for the game.

Overall, Arteta demonstrated a positive and optimistic outlook on the team’s future. Despite the recent setbacks, he emphasized that the team is capable of winning consecutive games and that they will work hard to achieve their objectives. With a schedule full of tough opponents, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and his team are ready to rise to the occasion and give their all in every game.

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