La Liga To Use Blockchain Technology In Their Balls

La Liga is willing to bring in blockchain technology that will track soccer balls that are used to score goals. The system is hosted by a third-party company.

Gol-Ball will be the institution that will certify these balls and allow users to purchase the balls through raffles or official markets.

This technology will be used by the Spanish league after the resumption of La Liga after the World Cup ends in Qatar. This was not the case before, as the goal-scoring balls were mixed with the other balls.

Karim Benzema acoring against Barcelona
Benzema Scoring Against Barcelona In An El Classico Match

La Liga’s ambassador and a former soccer player had this to say about the new technology.

“Throughout my career as a footballer you would normally be given a ball only after scoring a hat-trick, but you were never sure it was the ball you actually scored any of the goals with. If we had been able to identify the goal scoring ball, my colleagues and I would have wanted all of them.”

Samuel Eto’o

La Liga revealed that one of the most interesting aspects of this new technology is that the fans will be able to purchase the goal-scoring balls through raffles.

Real Madrid And Barcelona Fans
Real Madrid And Barcelona Fans

La Liga’s Executive General Director has this to say about the development:

“It’s a bridge between the real world and digital world. We pride ourselves at LaLiga for innovating and offering our fans ways to feel more emotionally connected to their favorite clubs and idols.”

Oscar Mayo

La Liga declared that fans would be able to buy the balls as NFTs. This is not the first time La Liga has been involved in NFTs.

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