Ten Hag Tells Van Persie His Secret

Former Manchester United player Robin Van Persie recently spoke with the club’s current manager, Erik Ten Hag, about the changes he has made since taking over as manager. Van Persie, who was known for his attacking style of play while at the club, was curious to learn how Ten Hag was able to turn things around after a period of negativity in the team.

Ten Hag explained that he has worked hard to create a positive atmosphere at the club since its inception, beginning with the Academy and working closely with many people to foster a team mentality. He believes that the current squad and the way they play on the field reflect this.

Ten Hag explained that he has certain rules that must be followed off the pitch in order to ensure discipline and focus on the pitch when asked about any changes he has made in terms of discipline. He also stated that he is working with adults who have already achieved great success in their careers, so he does not need to impose many rules.

Van Persie wanted to know if Ten Hag’s philosophy had changed since moving to a different country and working for a different club. Ten Hag responded that, while he has a football philosophy, he adapts it to the players he has and how they like to play. He explained that he prefers to play attacking, proactive football and that he wants to attack with all eleven players while defending with a different set of players.

Van Persie also inquired about Fernandes and Rashford’s partnership and how they seem to find each other so easily on the pitch. Ten Hag stated that he focuses on connecting players and helping them improve by putting together drills and showing them video clips of how they can benefit from each other’s strengths.

The topic then shifted to Sir Alex Ferguson, and Van Persie inquired about his impact on the club. Ten Hag was quick to recognize Ferguson’s winning mentality and how he has helped to foster a creative environment that encourages players to take control of games.

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When asked about his hobbies, Ten Hag admitted that football is currently his sole focus and that he has little time for anything else. He does, however, enjoy joking around, skiing, golfing, going to the movies, and hiking in the mountains.

Van Persie concluded the interview by wishing Ten Hag the best of luck for the upcoming season and expressing his admiration for the excellent work he has done thus far. He praised the team for being entertaining to watch and expressed his excitement for what the future holds for Manchester United under Ten Hag’s leadership.

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